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Federal and state governments know that it's tough for businesses, particularly when they first start up or take up new challenges!

If you have an innovative project you would like to get off the ground, Focused Management Strategies can help you to firstly; assess what State and Federal Government funding might respond to it and then apply the experience and skills needed to help you access one or more of those programs.

Along with tailored funding, there are many excellent (and usually cost free) programs designed to help and encourage business entrepreneurs. Focused Management Strategies’ business diagnostics provide you with an assessment of what programs can best help your business and how to access them.


--We have advised and assisted-numerous
- Regional and Rural business's achieve
- outstanding results:

-* Business Promotion
State and Federal Government Funding
-* Strategic Business Plans
-* Business Development
-* Capital Expenditure


Focused Management Strategies
were able to secure over $640,000 of (Vic) State and Federal Government grants for R. Radford and Sons to fund their Waste Water and Energy Recovery project.


-Do you want to...

-*Increase and entrench your client base?

-*Efficiently measure and control costs?
-*Control your development with a relevant
-- business plan?
-*Develop, manage and motivate an effective
-- team?




How we will help you

Focused Management Strategies make the time to really understand your business, objectives and needs.

Attending and interviewing you at your business site gives us insights “into the remarkable things you do but may not notice”, we then develop a profile of your business that provides the most potent tool to access funding support.

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