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Through our own expertise and with access to well-established and potent networks and business development programs, Focused Management Strategies provides effective support for you to achieve your goals and enhance the benefits you get from those outcomes.

With particular experience in the Food, Wine and Tourism industries, Focused Management Strategies provides the Manufacturing and Service sectors with expertise in.


• Strategic Planning and Research
• Accounting, Administration and Management support
• Skills Development
• Program facilitation
• Mentoring



• Applications for Grants and Funding
• Project Assessment
• Market Research
• Project Monitoring and Reporting
• Sourcing and/or negotiating Processing & Packaging Equipment acquisitions

Do you want to...

-*Increase and entrench your client base?

-*Efficiently measure and control costs?
-*Control your development with a relevant
-- business plan?
-*Develop, manage and motivate an effective
-- team?




• Profile Development and Enhancement
• Event Organization and Management
• Award nominations and leveraging the outcomes
• Data Collection & Information Reporting
• Media development

We have advised and assisted-numerous --Regional and Rural business's achieve -
- outstanding results:

-* Business Promotion
State and Federal Government Funding
-* Strategic Business Plans
-* Business Development
-* Capital Expenditure



How we will help you


Providing intermittent or extended support, Focused Management Strategies welcomes an opportunity to discuss your needs and aspirations and looks forward to putting our focus on your business to deliver benefits that are real, substantial and sustainable!

- We can modify our services to maximise
- outcomes from your limited budgets, including:

- * Identifying options and resources
- * Constructive critiques and suggestions
- * Proforma schedules, reports and workings
- * Examples from successful assignments


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